I leverage positive psychology, applied research methods, and evaluation to design optimal user experiences.

I am a M.A. candidate at Claremont Graduate University studying positive developmental psychology and evaluation. This translates into an understanding of what we as humans need to be our optimal selves across our lives span. My evaluative experience allows me to listen closely to stakeholders, uncover what is valuable, and then design research methods to explore how those values are being realized.

My research has focused on flow, play, player motivations, interest development, and technological influences on development.

I love learning about technology and how our interactions with computers might shape us. As our technology evolves, its potential to influence our lives for better or worse evolves with it. Through the lens of positive psychology, I strive to help craft those experiences. To help people be better off for using technology, and tapping into that potential to enhance our lives. Nowhere better showcases this than in video games and their capacity to bring joy and impact millions. I hope to help design more fun into everyone’s life.

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